Should You Travel with a Baby in Tow?

Whether you need to travel for business or pleasure, is it a good idea to travel with a baby in tow? As a new parent, you have a bigger responsibility with more than just yourself in mind. You have to look out for your baby as well because they are too young to be able to look out for themselves. Unless you really have to, you should not travel for the first few months of your new baby’s life. Reason being that babies need consistent attention as well as feedings and diaper changes. Also, if you are the mother, you should be resting after having your baby. So, when are you free to travel with your baby? According to a baby article, once your baby reaches about three months of age you can start thinking about taking them on short trips. One thing is for certain, you should definitely enjoy your travels with your little one before they start to crawl and walk because once they start moving they could get into mischief. Is there a good age to travel by air? According to a baby traveling article, between the age of zero and three months your baby should not be traveling especially by air. A great time to start air travel is when your baby is between three months and nine months. By this age, both of you are settled into your routine and adding a little flight adventure might be fun.

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Types of Andhra Bank Savings Account

Andrha Bank is one of the best public sector banks in India. Its customers can operate their accounts from over 2528 global branches and also via ATMs. To cater to the different needs of every customer, Andhra Bank offers a range of savings account options.  In this post we will list down the types of Andhra Bank Savings Account on offer. This will help you to open Andhra Bank account that best suits your needs. For your information the format of the Andhra bank ifsc code is ANDB0xxxxxx where the last 6 digits (xxxxxx in this case) is the branch code.

  • AB Diamond Savings Bank Account

This account is created exclusively for highly paid salaried employees of reputed corporates, and government employees. This account has its advantages for special individuals with high net worth.

  • AB Platinum Savings Bank Account

This is also for well paid employees with high net worth. It has got benefits like priority locker allotment and unlimited cheque book facility.

  • AB Kiddy Bank

This type of account is for minors in the age group of 10 to 18 years. The minimum balance required is only Rs.100.

  • AB Abhaya Plus

This account provides benefits like accidental insurance facility for a premium of Rs.18. The insurance offers coverage of up to Rs.50,000 with protection against death and partial or permanent disability.

  • AB Easy Savings No Frills Account

This account comes with no service charges and no restrictions on the number of withdrawals in the account. Only a minimum balance … Read More . . .